Saturday, June 1, 2013

DARE AND DO June 1, 2013

Accountability.  I never knew the power it could have over my lazy, undisciplined ways. 

We had company from out of state here for dinner today.  Our friend, Nancy, is also an aspiring cook book author (and an AMAZING home cook).  Eating and talking about food is kind of our thing.  She has been my wife's best friend since they were kids, but when we get together I tend to hog the "conversation space" with my kindred fellow foodie.

Imagine my surprise, this first day of self reporting here, when she showed up with a tomato bacon pie!!!  If it weren't for having to come on here and report my progress, half that pie would have been in my stomach and I'd be lazing on the couch right now, shaking my head and thinking "DOH!" 

I followed my rule of "the size of a fist" portion, and kept all "non healthy foods" to that limit.  The pie was outrageous, and I don't have words to describe how difficult it was to not eat the girls' leftover portions. 

I kept dinner light and had grilled skinless boneless chicken breast (it was brined, but I didn't put salt on anything else).  I had cauliflower casserole (portion size in concert with the tomato bacon pie was my "regular eating"), and a romaine salad with walnuts, reduced fat bleu cheese crumbles and my lemon basil garlic dressing (recipe can be found under the salad tab:  The best chopped salad in the history of ever). 

The most difficult part of my day was when they left.  We had been outside in the sun all day, chasing after five rambunctious children.  I felt I had my cardio workout (always my excuse to not exercise), and was completely beat.  I walked past the exercise bike, stationed in the corner near our entertainment center, and had a sense of dread.  I pictured writing here: "and I did not workout tonight," and that was all the motivation I needed.  I excused myself from our "nigh-night" routine, kissed my girls goodnight,  and hopped on the bike. 

I did 4.5 miles on 50% resistance.  I found my thighs were really burning in the last two weeks.  It has lessened with each work out.  This was the first work out where that was not a problem (I did not once have to push my knees down with my hands, :P ).  I immediately went into stretches, touched on some yoga (up dog and down dog count, right?), and then did 250 crunches and 40 push ups. 

The level of energy and overall wellness I feel is off the chart.  I weigh in on Monday and look forward to learning my current weight.  My bathing suit is starting to fit again, which is fantastic because our community pool opens up next week and I live right across the street!  I integrate weights on Monday and move forward.  Onward and upward!  I hope everyone is doing well on their dare and do, or is thinking about what they want to do for their dare and do!!  :)  Brian