Sunday, June 2, 2013

DARE AND DO June 2, 2013

The warm, dry New England weather demanded ice cold beer and a shot of non productivity today.  Who am I to argue with mother nature?

We took the girls to my mom's tonight for dinner and some quality 'nana' time.  She surprised us with take out!!  She ordered a cheese pizza and grilled chicken salad with Romaine lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, olives, onions, peppers, bacon, egg, and feta cheese. 

I used my will power (there's a big W on my chest at this point after abstaining from BACON), and ate responsibly.  I lightly dressed the salad (with vinaigrette), and only had a little bit of the cheese and no bacon or egg.  Why would you put an egg, cooked improperly at that, in such an amazing salad?  I like green yolks in anything Dr. Seuss, but in a salad from a restaurant, really? I would ordinarily eat about 6-8 slices of pizza (it is cut in 4x3 squares), but only had one decent size piece. 

I gave in to mother nature's demands and had four beers throughout the course of the afternoon/evening.  I feel sluggish, though not hungover as I never had a buzz. Ultimately, I decided today will be one of my two "days off" this week, and chose to not work out. I have goals, but also appreciate living in the moment and smelling the roses when deemed necessary.

I weigh in tomorrow and worry this will effect the dreaded number on the scale.  I was feeling tighter and fitter.  I think the key word is 'was,' as since I had the beers I'm feeling a little bloated.  Blasted mother nature and your beer demanding weather!

My mother's neighbor is in his fifties, weighs 300 pounds, and is not a hair above 5'5".  He is a biker dude and is tattooed, bald, and has the most scraggily gray beard that I swear goes to his belly button.  I was outside with the kids on their scooters and watched this man run to the end of the sidewalk.  He ran with such intent I worried something was wrong.  He then ran to the other side of the sidewalk.  I wondered if he was looking for something.  About five minutes later, I looked back over and saw that he was still running back and forth, and I realized:  he's daring and doing!!  It made me smile as I realized we are all unique and different, but we all have goals, hopes and dreams.  I'm rooting for him.  DARE AND DO BIKER DUDE!  Now I hope I'm as smiley when I weigh in tomorrow morning.  --Brian