Thursday, April 18, 2013

I've been nominated for a Liebster Award!! :)

The Liebster award is German for “favorite” or “dearest” and is given to new blogs with under 200 followers (on the blog, not on facebook), by fellow bloggers who like their work.

I can't believe several months ago I did not even know what a blog was!  Thank you all for following the Cook At Home Dad, and PLEASE check out TWO BORED HOUSEWIVES and show them some love for nominating me :)

The Rules:
There’s a theme here…11-11-11!
According to the rules, once you’ve been given the Liebster Award, you:

  1. “Accept” the Liebster Blog Award on your blog.
  2. Link back/shout out to the blogger who presented the award to you. 
  3. Showcase the Liebster Award “icon” on your blog. 
  4. Nominate  11 new blogs that you love/would like to be recognized for the Liebster Blog Award. 
  5. Let the 11 blogs know they have been chosen by leaving a comment/or emailing the honoree.

11 Random facts about The Cook At Home Dad:

  1. I'm incredibly shy in person.  I've battled it my whole life, but the older I get the better I am getting at not letting it inhibit anything I do.
  2. I have terrible stage fright.  I originally wanted to be an actor and during a monologue on stage I got out of character and froze.
  3. I'm left handed but was forced to use my right by my grammar school teacher.
  4. I lived in Los Angles for years and would love to move back.  My wife hates the beach, sunny days, and warm air (really, hon?).  ;)
  5. I used to be an avid hiker.  I get winded walking to the car now.
  6. I used to teach roller blading.  I could win an Olympic gold for my skills.
  7. I did not have TV for years growing up.  We had a 12" black and white set with rabbit ears (did I just date myself?) and all we got was PBS.  I would watch Julia Child and that little Italian lady cook religiously.
  8. I did not like chocolate, ice cream, cookies, or any sweets until my wife became pregnant with our oldest. 
  9. I gained 40 pounds during our first pregnancy.  Breast feeding did not help shed the weight ;)
  10. I have been a stay at home dad for 7 of the past nine years.  My twins will start full time kindergarten in September.  I am completely devastated and am very aware that no career endeavor will match the satisfaction, pride, and wealth that this career endeavor has provided.
  11. When we found out we were having twins, I yelped so loud in disbelief that the entire practice came running into the room.

11 New Nominees:

11 Questions for The Cook At Home Dad:

What motivated you to start blogging?
I used to send my wife updates written from my daughter's perspective for the first year of her life.  I didn't realize that was blogging.  I've been called the Cook at Home Dad for about seven years, and a year ago started writing a cookbook.  I made a New Year's resolution to start a blog, and here we are :)

What does your blog name mean?
I am a dad and I cook at home. ;)

What is your favorite movie?
This is a tough one.  When I was a kid I would watch certain movies 100 times.  Now I can't watch a movie more than once even if I love it.

If you could rename the book “What to Expect when Expecting”, what would you call it?
Expect the Unexpected:  Instructions not included.

What is your Theme Song?
I literally have a theme song.  I wrote and recorded it about 9 years ago and it is called "My Everything, My Love."  It sums everything up. :)

What 3 things do you need to get you through the day?
Coffee, laughter, potato chips (every single day its an obsession).

What really makes you mad?
Current events and the splintering on them that perpetuates bs.

What famous person would you invite over for dinner, and what would you cook?
This is a tough one.  I think Barack Obama and I would make Bacon Basil Chicken with bleu crushed potatoes and haricot vert.  But that is only because that's the latest recipe I created.  I'd ask him simply: 'why?' and would not accept "because" as an answer.

Describe yourself in one sentence.
I am the cook at home dad and I have the perfect ingredients for a great recipe.  (That is only minimally referring to actual cooking).

What’s on top of your refrigerator?  
Cleaning products, knick knacks, a casserole dish, and money.  Ohhh, I forgot that was there.

Drink of Choice, and why?
Coffee.  I can't get through a day without it.

11 Questions for new nominees:

  1. First thing in the morning:  coffee or check your page first?
  2. Paper or plastic?
  3. If you did not have a computer, would you still blog/write?
  4. Did you journal whilst growing up?
  5. Song Title that sums up your blog?
  6. Are there enough hours in your week?
  7. Is yours your favorite blog?
  8. What's in your cup?
  9. Do your kids/family know that you blog and if so, do they follow?
  10. Do you have specific goals for your blog?
  11. If you could rename the book “What to Expect when Expecting”, what would you call it?